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tv   [untitled]    August 9, 2010 1:00am-1:30am PST

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case [unintelligible] similarly, an assignment of charges has been filed in case [unintelligible] for the taking of evidence on a date to be determined by the commissioner. these matters can be assigned to our newest commissioner. president marshall: those are discipline cases. public comment on item 6? seeing non-, we will call for item seven. -- item 11. >> seconded. president marshall: meeting is adjourned. thank you very much. i'm sorry. we should have announced -- >> pending our meeting at 10:55, i will know we will be dark next
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week on the 11th. willie back for our next meetings at city hall on august 18. president marshall: thank you. >> which include business at 10:55 p.m.. 10:55 p.m.. [horns honking] announcer: the first step to getting into college is finding someone who can help. for the next steps, parking authority commission. >> director beach.
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director beach: present. >> director lee. director lee: present. >> oka. director oka: present. >> director nolan. chairman nolan: present. >> you have a quorum present. the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. any personal responsible for one going off may be removed. please be advised that cell phones on vibrate will cause static. approval minutes of the july sfmta. chairman nolan: is there mokes to a-- a motion to approve. >> second. >> minutes of the march 2, 2010, parking authority regular commission.
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chairman nolan: is there a motion. >> second. chairman nolan: those in favor say aye. >> aye. >> item five, communications. i know of none, mr. chairman. chairman nolan: ok. new unfinished business. ok. that's not me. ms. boomer. excuse me. ok. thank you. a couple of announcements, communications. we have a special order in today's agenda and that's at 1:00 this afternoon or as soon as possible thereafter but not before. the board secretary will call item 11 about the taxi issue.
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and if the board has another agenda item, they'll complete that and then go back to that and then we'll continue the agenda as regularly scheduled. and also on september 21 this year the board of directors will be holding a workshop rather than a regular meeting. the meeting will begin at 9:00 in the morning and will be held in the conference room at 1 south van buess. secretary boomer: item 6, introduction of new or unfinished business by board members. chairman nolan: director heinicke, did you want to raise the issue under this section? director heinicke: sure. is that ok with you? chairman nolan: sure. that would director heinicke: what chairman nolan is referring to is something that will come as no surprise to those in the taxi community as an area of interest to me.
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and that is briefly with now sort of us having wrapped up or begun to wrap up the switch in the medallion issuance process, i think we need to look very carefully, as i've discussioned, with director ford and chairman nolan and the deputy director is the issue of peak time taxi cabs and how we use the flexibility given to us by prop a to meet what i view is two very significant demands, related demands. one, there is a huge demand for consumer usage on friday and saturday nights and other peak times, certain holidays, certain event days. and given that demand there is a demand for drivers who want to drive that shift. and so what i suggest we do much in the way before to have significant community and industry input but to look at
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how we can together put a proposal, molding medallion drivers to drive those peak time shifts and allow the color schemes become corrective to meet the needs of the consumers who want cabs at those times. so i look forward to working with the chairman and staff on that. chairman nolan: would members consent or perhaps we could schedule sometime the next meeting the discussion about taxi priorities? >> that will be fine. i will take it one step further and even lay out some road map of some sorts in terms of how soon we can get there. chairman nolan: thank you, director heinicke. director beach. director beach: chairman nolan, members of the board, in putting together a budget of this year and next year, one of the things that was a key component to that was the math -- was the m.t.a. being the only parking permit.
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if staff could bring back a status of where we're at of being the sole issuer of parking permits. this building was surrounded by permits we didn't issue. and my travels throughout the issue i see other parking permits issued by other kinds of public agencies. if we are going to in fact control that we need to get with that and -- because it was a key component of our budget. chairman nolan: would members consent? mr. ford, could you bring something back to us? director ford: yes. chairman nolan: any new unfinished business? seeing none, ok. ms. boomer. secretary boomer: item 7, executive directors worm report. >> good afternoon, mr. chairman, m.t.a. board and the public. i begin by recognizing our staff for the contributions they have made to the agency for the month of august. under our transit division we have two awards that are very, very special. as you know, our civic center station is one of the busiest
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stations within our transit system and it serves as a transfer point for many of our riders within the san francisco bay area transit network. on two separate occasions m.t.a. employees that we are recognizing, the two m.t.a. employees that we are recognizing today responded courageously in preventing harm or life-threatening injuries to two of our patrons who had fell into our mini train tracks. our first award goings to aramedes rivera. could you please step up to the podium? come right up here. arcamedes has been with the agency for over 12 years. on june 12 he witnessed a visually impaired man fall into the tracks as his train was approaching the civic center. because of his quick reaction he was able to stop the train and avoid any harm to that individual. his outstanding dedication, determination and excellence in
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train operations proved invaluable during this critical, life-saving incident. he takes great pride of performing his job as a transit operator and has a great attendance record and safety record. he is dedicated to his job and always places safety first. before you have john haley, our director of transit authority, to present the award. chairman nolan: good afternoon. >> thank you. i'd just like to point out to the board that we regularly report to you when you review on a regular basis and evaluate our safety performance. and obviously the key to that is the performance of the online and front line troops. in this particular case you have an individual in our rail -- and our rail operators are challenged to be alert in two different ways. one set of rules and auto train control in the subway and yet another set of challenges while they operate on the service.
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both require constant vigilance and alertness. in this particular case through the actions of mr. rivera, who by the way may have been named after a philosopher and mathematician but his decisive action in this particular case belies that namesake. essay allowed us to call him archy. his act in this -- call him archie. his act in this particular case causing -- not allowing injury to this particular patron really reflects the best of the performance of our agency. so it's a pleasure and -- for us to recognize him. [applause] mr. rivera. >> all i can say thank the lord
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for guiding and protecting us during our work and in doing our work. i just say hello to my family, my wife, lydia, my sons, lawrence, and roberto, who is working with -- and just to say thank you to each and every one of you for giving me this recognition award. i hope that all of our employees there working do their best to be safe there out there. thank you. chairman nolan: thank you, mr. rivera. on behalf of the board of directors, do thank you for your outstanding work. [applause] >> our next award goes to melanie martin. melanie, could you please step up to the podium? melody is also a transit
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operator at our green division and has been with the agency for over 11 years. she's receiving this award today for her courageous actions of saving someone from harm or possibly saving their lives. on june 21, melody witnessed a man fall into the tracks at the train station at civic center station while she was pulling in. she worked very quickly and safely to stop her train and avoided any contact or harm to that person. her keen awareness, observation of her surroundings and her skills as a train operator was invaluable to this incident. i'd like for john also present the award of appreciation to melody. john. >> thank you, mr. ford. once again, truly extraordinary performance, and i learned earlier today that actually this is somewhat routine for melanie because prior -- even prior to joining the agency she had been involved in helping someone who was down in the subway tracks be brought out
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safely. so we're pleased to have her use that effort to come onboard and continue her outstanding performance. so congratulations, melody, to you. [applause] >> i'd like to thank the board for this recognition. >> thank you for your stout standing work. thank you, ms. martin. chairman nolan: congratulations. director ford: our next award is a group award and will be presented to christine kayaya and sheroline. i apologize for that challenging name description there. sorry, folks. working as a team, both christine and sheroline is part
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of our employee and labor relations section and are being recognized with their steadfast, dedication and the success of m.t.a.'s partnership with the public employees committee during the concession discussions and negotiations. it was christine and sheroline's laborists efforts that would have red line versions of documents and letters of agreement ready with little to no advance leave time when a concession meeting needed to happen. the dynamic duo took the lead in collecting all contract data working with the city's attorney's office to get the memoranda of understanding approved as to legal form and as well as coordinating with the m.t.a.'s webmaster to make sure these documents were accessible to the public. and these include our low-vision individuals during the sunshine period. the cost savings that the m.t.a. achieved as a result of these discussions may not have materialized without their support. christine has been with the agency for four years and she
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is a hardworking and dedicated employee who takes pride in and is a team player who is always willing to mentor and assist others and is willing to learn new things. sheroline has been with the agency for two years. she's the ultimate team player who assists her colleagues without hesitation. her technical skills are part of her attitude. both are tremendous assets to their division, their agency and the city as a whole due to their unrelenting commitment to those they serve. debra is here to present the award to christine and sheroline. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. thank you, mr. ford, members of the board. it's with us team pleasure that i stand before you today and recognize these two employees. as you all know for the past several months i've been coming before you, briefing you about our discussions and our partnering with labor. and none of this would have
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been possible without the commitment, without the support of employee and labor relations and these two individuals. i would be remiss if we did not come before you and acknowledge their hard work during these troubling times and we had to make such difficult decisions with less. so with that it gives me extreme pleasure to stand before you and present these awards. if i may just really quickly, one is with christine and the other one is sherline that says in appreciation of your dedication to improving the quality of lives for the employees of the municipal transportation agency and the residents of san francisco by the san francisco municipal transportation agency given this day, august 3, 2010. so congratulations. and congratulations. thank you so much. >> i would like to thank the board for acknowledging our
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efforts. we would not have done this without the support. >> it's been a pleasure to work with this team. they are great team players. it just makes it a lot easier when we all work together. chairman nolan: i want to say thanks on behalf of the board of directors and their work on behalf of all of us. thank you so much. [applause] director ford: ok. on july 29 of this year, the mayor hosted the signing of the city's fiscal year 2010 and 2011 annual budget. and despite the many challenges that face city departments, boards and commissions as well as our political leaders during the budget process we were able to compromise and work together as a team to balance the city's budget. on that note i would like for our chief financial officer to come now and present to you and update the modifications that were made to the m.t.a.'s fiscal year 2010 and 2011 budget as well as the 2011 and
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2012 budgets post your approval of the m.t.a. budget earlier this year. so here are the adjustments that needed to be made. >> good afternoon. members of the board crrks c.f.o. at the end of april you adopted an operating budget. total of that time was $749.5 million for 2011 and $768.8 million in 2012. since then we have had
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revisions to various line items. so the 2010 budget has now been increased by $25.5 million and the 2012 budget by $11.8 million. and the details of the revenue increases are as follows -- so on the operating grant side we've increased our operating grants by $15.6 million, $7 million from the prop a allocation, $7 million from the m.t.t., and $1.6 million from a new grant for the lifeline -- from lifeline that we just recently received. so the moneys, as you know, was split into two pieces. on parking and traffic, we increased our budget net by $4.2 million and involved the various line items that you see here. the biggest adjustment was the gross of our parking garage revenues. historically we've been reporting net, bottom line. and from an accounting
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perspective it's better to report both gross revenues and net expenditures. so this includes a $14.9 million of the revenue picture. we also -- you also approve the audit extension -- the toe contract last board meeting and that adds $2 million to our revenue line item. as well as reheard from the treasurer tax collector that we should expect about $600,000 more in parking tax for 2011. this has been offset by three adjustments to our revenue. we were little bit aggressive on our parking permits and we've seen a decline in our neighborhood parking permits. so we reduced that by $3 million. we've also reduced the parking meter collection by $6.8 million because of the delay in -- the park installation by about 90 days plus the new meters that are going to go out a little bit later than we projected. we're also decreasing our
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projection for the parking and while this is employment parking it includes the employee parking and the citywide parking process that director beach mentioned earlier. so instead of implementing september 1, we are trying to implement january 1 and come back with a full report to you. and then we also received some good news about our fund balance -- i mean, our transfers from the general funds. so we are seeing $5.6 million additional revenue from the general fund. $2 s&p 1 million of that is the result of the -- $2.1 million of that is the result of our baseline budget. another $100,000 in the departmental recoveries. for 2011-2012. one increased parking traffic fines and fees and in transfers to the general fund. once again, the majority that
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is due to the gross revenue adjustments carries over the other line items from 2011. i ask answer any detailed questions you have on that. on the expenditures side, once again, the bottom line has gone up by $20.5 million in 2011 to $20.9 million in 2012. here's the reason. it is due to the service addback. we've added back 5% of additional service. we also have the wage increases for the transit operators which came in at 5.7%. so the $10 million increase is due to two things. one is a 5% transit service addback as well as the operators' salaries increase that affects all of the overtime, retirement benefits
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as well as the base salary and some premium pay amounts. the contract and service amount this is the line item where we put the expenditures for the parking grauges and we were able to fund $7.9 million this year -- 2010, which reduced the budget in 2011 for those professional services. materials and supplies and equipment maintenance. those are exclusively due to the addback of service. we also you will be approving a new lease at 1608 bankroft. we are hoping to consolidate our shops and that will increase our lease payments. but with a significant enhanced service for these shops that are now residing in pretty old facilities. and then $6.1 million of payments to other agencies.
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once again, the majority of this is due to the parking tax payment that we now have to show because of the grossing up of the revenue and expenditures. there is a $1 million addition to our work orders that we received after you approved the budget. for 2011 and 2012, $11.8 million is made up of these following line items. we reduced savings by $7.2 million and because we felt that there was enough cushion in terms of hiring additional staffing plan that would allow us to realize these savings. once again, contracts and other services are mostly due to the gross up of the net and revenues of parking facilities as is the insurance and payments to other agencies. one new item that is also on the board calendar is a loan
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payment for m.t.c. so the $4.9 million reflects first-year repayment of the loan that is now in the budget. and once again we upped our work orders by $1.1 million. so these are the major changes to the budget and this is the current budget as it exists in the system compared to what you approved. we're happy to answer your question. director beach: thank you for the presentation. i appreciate the response on the employee parking permits. you indicated that you would probably be january 1 of 2011 before you implemented. yet i see in the presentation on page 4 that you're recalculating the baseline from implementing for 2011 and 2012. it doesn't start until july of 2011. >> and the reason for that is the employee parking is the heading for a couple of various subset of line items. one is parking, two the
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employee based parking. the third area is the planning code change that we were going to implement for parking garages. it really is all of the parking changes. it should probably be better titled. the budget that you approved projected that we were able to implement the planning code changes. that will affect the 2011-2012 number. that number is really a reflection of the downscaling of the planning code change. and it has to do with the c-3 area being implemented rather than citywide plan that we originally envisioned. director beach: if you could include that in the explanation when it comes back to the full board it will be very helpful because it's unclear still to me how much of this is our employee parking, how much of this is city permit parking
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which is a big issue when it came to this board and how much of it is related to the zoning issue. chairman nolan: members of the boards. questions. director heinicke. director heinicke: thank you for the presentation. first of all, what currently -- these are all about 2010-2011. what is our reserve our fund balance? >> we're actually closing the books in 2010 so our funding balance will depend how we close year end so we will have a better picture for you sometime in the september maybe in the workshop time period. so we expect to end the year off with a slight fund balance. director heinicke: the question is more at the policy level we shouldn't mistake some of this rosey news for a situation where our fund balance has been restored and still the case that we -- we would have
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limited ability to respond to any significant emergency? >> and that's true, director. actually we are sort of -- you decided not to follow your own policy about funding the reserve these two years so that continues in our projections that we're not refunding the reserve. director heinicke: right. and that's something we may want to revisit in september because there are some implications to that. i am not saying one way or another. that's something we need to revisit to the board as to whether we continue to ignore or defer that policy. chairman nolan: especially as we continue full restoration of our -- according to your policy right now we are at a deficit spending. director heinicke: correct. because whenever there is a surge in energy price, so i appreciate revisiting that in september. second question, $1 million in
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adjustments to work orders. is there in particular work order or a bunch of them with nickels and dimes? >> across all the work orders. we will update it at the september workshop as well so you will get a detailed number. director hinge he ry: this isn't a -- director heinicke: this isn't a particular number. on the very first line item of the revised operating budget expenditures, you have $10.3 billion of combination of service restoration and the wage increase. how much is for the restoration and how much is for the wage increase? before we get there -- is a portion for the wage increase the entire price of the wage increase or is it an additional beyond what we had budgeted for the wage increase? chairman nolan: ok.


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